iOptron SMARTSTAR IEQ45TM User Manual

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NOTE: You may need to re-check the polar alignment after loading the OTA.

As explained in the introduction, an equatorial mount must have an accurate polar axis alignment in

order to track properly. With the iOptron innovative AccuAligning


Polar Scope and Quick Polar Alignment

procedure, you can do a fast and accurate polar axis alignment.

Figure 12. Polar Scope Dial

As indicated in Figure 12, the Polar Scope Dial has been divided into 12 hours along the angular

direction with half-hour tics. There are 2 groups, 6 concentric circles marked from 36’ to 44’ and 60’ to 70’,
respectively. The 36’ to 44’ concentric circles are used for polar alignment in northern hemisphere using
Polaris. While the 60’ to 70’ circles are used for polar alignment in southern hemisphere using Sigma

You have already pointed the tripod to True North in Step 1 and set your current latitude in Step 4.

Now, you are ready to perform the Quick Polar Axis Alignment procedure.

Polar axis adjustments

Whenever polar axis adjustments are required, loosen the three Azimuth Locking Screws and adjust
the Azimuth Adjustment Knobs to do a fine adjustment of the mount in the azimuth direction. Tighten
the locking screws to secure the mount. Loosen four Latitude Locking Screws on the side of the
mount, turning the Latitude Adjustment Knob to adjust the latitude (altitude). Use the Lever for a fine
latitude adjustment. Re-tighten the lock screws.

Initializing the polar scope

NOTE: Do not disassemble the Polar Scope to rotate it. It is adjusted at the factory and can
be misaligned if you disassemble it. A good Polar alignment is the basis for good GOTO and
tracking performance.

During initial setup of the iEQ


mount, it is likely that the viewing hole on the DEC axis of the polar

scope may be blocked by the DEC axle. The Polar Scope Dial in the polar scope may not be set at
the normal clock position with 12 located at the top, as shown in Figure 12. Before doing the Quick
Polar Axis Alignment, complete the following steps:

(1) Take off both the Polar Axis Cover and the Polar Scope Cover from the mount.

(2) Remove the protection tape on the threaded hole located on the Polar Scope. First, thread the

dark field illuminating LED end into the threaded hole and then plug the other end into the Reticle
socket located on the R.A. unit. The illumination intensity can be adjusted using the hand
controller (HC) via the “Set Eyepiece Light” function under the “Set Up Controller” menu.