Guide options, Set slewing rate, Park scope – iOptron SMARTSTAR IEQ45TM User Manual

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A more useful application of this function is to store your favorite viewing objects before heading to

the filed. When “Add a New Record” screen shows, press the MENU button, it brings up the star catalogs
that you can select the star from. Follow the screen to add your favorite objects. Press BACK button to go
back one level.

Press BACK button few times to go back to Set User Objects. You may review the records or

delete the ones you don’t want it anymore. Press BACK button to finish the operation. Now you can slew to
your favorite stars from User Objects catalog using “Select and Slew.”

5.9. Guide Options

5.9.1. Set Guider Rate

This is an advanced function for autoguiding when a guiding camera is equipped either via an ST-4

guiding port or an ASCOM protocol. Before autoguiding, align the polar axis carefully. Select a proper
guiding speed. The suppositional guiding speed can be selected from ±0.20X to ±1.00X. Follow the
autoguiding software for detailed operation.

5.9.2. Guide Port Direction

The Guide Port an iEQ45


mount equipped is capable to handle an ST-4 autoguiding camera with

both straight and a reverse wired RJ11 guiding cable. Select “Reverse” option in the “Auto Guide” function
for an ST-4 camera with a reversed RJ11 guiding cable, as shown in Figure 21.

Figure 21. ST-4 guiding port wiring direction

5.10. Set Slewing Rate

You can select the maximum GOTO speed to be 128X, 256X, 512X, or MAX. The slower the speed,

the quieter the motors run.

5.11. Park Scope

There are two parking positions: east side or west side. The mount my move to either position

depends on which one is closer, when “Park Scope” is selected. The mount will remember the Zero Position
if the power is turned off after “Park Scope”.