Appendix d. computer control an ieq45, Mount – iOptron SMARTSTAR IEQ45TM User Manual

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Appendix D. Computer Control an iEQ45



The iEQ45


mount can be connected to a computer using supplied RS232 cable. A RS232 to USB

adapter (not supplied) is needed if your computer does not have a serial port, like most of the laptops on the
market today. Follow the adapter instructions to install the adapter driver.

When the communication between the mount and computer has been established, the mount can be

controlled via ASCOM protocol.

To control the mount via ASCOM protocol, you need:

1. Download and install ASCOM Platform from

. Make sure you

PC meet the software requirement. Refer to the ascom-standards website for details.

2. Download and install latest iOptron Telescope ASCOM.NET drive from iOptron website.
3. Planetarium software that supports ASCOM protocol. Follow software instructions to select the

iOptron Telescope.

Please refer to iOptron website,

, under Support Directory/iEQ45 with 8407 Hand

Controller, for more detail.



mount can also be directly controlled by other third party software and accessories, such as

iPhone, iPad, Android operated smart phone and iMac. Please contact the software developer companies
for more information.