Complete functions of go2nova, Hand controller, Slew to an object – iOptron SMARTSTAR IEQ45TM User Manual

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5. Complete Functions of Go2Nova


Hand Controller

5.1. Slew to an Object

Press the MENU button. From the main menu select “Select and Slew.” Select an object that you

would like to observe and press the ENTER key.

The Go2Nova


8407 hand controller has a database of about 358,000 objects. Use the ► or ◄

buttons to move the cursor. Use the number buttons to enter the number, or the ▼ or ▲ buttons to change
the individual number. Hold on a button to fast scroll through the list. The “

indicates the object is above

the horizon, and a cross mark “

means it is below the horizon. In some catalogs those stars below the

horizon will not display on the hand controller.

5.1.1. Solar System

There are 9 objects in the Solar system catalog.

5.1.2. Deep Sky Objects

This menu includes objects outside our Solar system such as galaxies, star clusters, quasars, and


• Named Objects: consists of 60 deep sky objects with their common names. A list of named deep

sky objects is included in Appendix E.

• Messier Catalog: consists of all 110 Messier objects.
• NGC IC Catalog: consists of 7,840 objects in NGC catalog and 5,386 objects in IC catalog. To

select an object from NGC or IC catalog, move the cursor to NGC, using▲ or ▼ button to toggle
between NGC and IC. Then move the cursor to a numerical position and use the number button
to select the object.

• UGC Catalog: consists of 12,921 objects.
• MCG Catalog: consists of 30,642 objects.
• Caldwell Catalog: consists of 109 objects.
• Abell Catalog: consists of 4,076 objects.
• Herschel Catalog: consists of 400 objects.

5.1.3. Stars:

• Named Stars: consists of 195 stars with their common names. They are listed alphabetically. A

list is included in Appendix E.

• Binary Stars: consists of 210 binary stars. A list is attached in Appendix E.
• GCVS Variable Stars: consists of 38,528 GCVS variable stars. They are listed numerically.
• SAO Catalog: consists of 258,997 SAO catalog objects. They are listed numerically.

5.1.4. Constellations

This catalog consists of 88 modern constellations with their names. They are listed alphabetically. A

list is attached in Appendix E.

5.1.5. Comets

This catalog contains 15 comets.