Inserting the print paper – Sony DPP-FP77 User Manual

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• Do not touch the ink ribbon or store the ink ribbon

in a dusty location. Fingerprints or dust on the ink
ribbon may result in imperfect printing.

• Do not rewind the ink ribbon and use the rewound

ink ribbon for printing. Otherwise, proper printing
results will not be obtained, or a malfunction may
occur. If the ink ribbon does not click into place,
remove it and then re-insert it. Only when the ink
ribbon is too slack to be loaded, keep pressing the
core of the ribbon and wind the ink ribbon in the
direction of the arrow to remove the slack.

• Do not disassemble the ink ribbon.

• Do not pull out the ribbon from the ink ribbon.

• Do not remove the ink ribbon while printing.

• Avoid placing the ink ribbon in a location subject

to high temperatures, high humidity, excessive
dust or direct sunlight. Please store it in a cool and
dark place and use it within a short period from the
date of production. Depending on the storage
conditions, the ink ribbon may deteriorate. Use of
such an ink ribbon may affect the printed results,
for which we cannot guarantee or compensate.

Inserting the print paper


Open the paper tray cover.

Hold the parts on both sides of the paper
tray cover (shown with arrows) and open
the paper tray cover.


Set the print paper into the paper

Do not wind
the ribbon
in the
shown here

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