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Basic printing

Prepare a memory card that contains images for
printing: “Memory Stick” media, “Memory
Stick Duo” media, SD Memory Card, or an xD-
Picture Card.

Insert the desired card with its labelled
surface facing up
into the proper slot until it
clicks firmly into place.

For the types of memory cards you can use
with the printer, please see pages 63 to 65.

From the left, with the label side facing up,
“Memory Stick” media, (“Memory Stick Duo”
media), SD Memory Card, and xD-Picture Card

To eject a memory card

Remove the memory card from the slot slowly
in the reverse direction it was inserted.


• Insert only the memory card that you want to use

for printing. When multiple memory cards are
inserted, the memory card inserted first will have
the first priority.

• The printer supports both standard and small sizes.

A “Memory Stick Duo” media adaptor is not

• To use a memory card, follow the notes described

on pages 63 to 65.

This section explains how to display the images
of a memory card or a USB memory on the
printer’s LCD screen and print the selected
images (direct printing). For how to print from
a USB memory, see page 32.

Setting the print quantity


Press the 1 (on/standby) button to
turn on the printer.

The STANDBY indicator turns off. An
image stored on the memory card or USB
memory device inserted in the printer is
displayed on the LCD screen.


Press g/G to display the image that
you want to print.


Set the print quantity.

To print one copy of the displayed image,
skip this procedure and go on to the next

Press f to display the print quantity
indication. Then specify the print quantity
with f/F.

Inserting a memory card

Printing selected images


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