Sony DPP-FP77 User Manual

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Connecting with a digital camera or other external device




The PictBridge
mark does not
appear on the LCD
screen of the
digital camera.

• Is the digital camera

connected correctly?

c Connect the cable correctly.

• Is the 1 (on/standby) button

turned on?

c Turn on the 1 (on/standby) button.

• Does your digital camera

support PictBridge?

c Refer to the manual supplied with your

camera, or consult with the manufacturer.

c Is a memory card inserted in a slot of the

printer? If there is a memory card inserted,
remove it.

• Is the USB setting of your

camera in PictBridge mode?

c Set the USB setting of your camera to the

PictBridge mode.

You connect and
disconnect the
USB cable, but
nothing happens.

c The printer has developed an over-current

error. Unplug the AC power cord of the
printer, plug it in again, and then press the
1 (on/standby) button to recover from the

You cannot stop
printing even if
you pressed

c The next print from the one currently

printed will be canceled.

c Depending on the digital camera you are

using, you cannot cancel printing from the
printer. Operate the digital camera to stop
printing. Refer to the operating
instructions of the digital camera.

You cannot make
index prints

c The printer cannot print index prints

during DPOF printing. To make index
prints, insert the memory card directly

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