Direct printing, Lcd screen display, An image preview – Sony DPP-FP77 User Manual

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Direct printing

LCD screen display

You can change the image preview view by
setting the “On-screen Display” from the
menu. (page 30)

A Access indication

Appears while the printer is accessing a
memory card or a USB memory.


While the access indication is displayed, do not
remove a memory card or a USB memory, or do
not turn off the power. Data may be damaged.

B Input/setting indications

Input indications and settings information for
an image are displayed.

C Number of selected images/Total

number of image

D Ink ribbon indication

: P size

: Cleaning cartridge

E Image file information (file format,

file size, image number (folder- file




DCF-compatible files only. In case of other
file formats, only part of file name will be

F Operation tips
G Shot or Saved date
H Print quantity setting

An image preview

On-screen Display: On

On-screen Display: Off



“Memory Stick” media input

SD Memory Card input

xD-Picture Card input

USB memory input

DPOF print preset indication

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