Glossary – Sony DPP-FP77 User Manual

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DCF (Design rule for Camera File

This printer conforms to the DCF (Design
rule for Camera File system) standard
established by JEITA (Japan Electronics and
Information Technology Industries
Association) to maintain file exchangeability
and compatibility between digital cameras
and related products. Complete
exchangeability and compatibility, however,
are not guaranteed.

DPOF (Digital Print Order Format)

The format used to record the information
necessary for automatically printing images
shot by a digital camera at a printing shop or
with a home-use printer. The printer supports
DPOF printing and can automatically print
the preset number of copies of the DPOF
preset images.

Exif 2.21 (Exif Print)

Exif (Exchangeable image file format for
digital cameras) Print is a global standard for
digital photo printing. A digital camera
supporting Exif Print stores the data relevant
to the conditions of shooting as each shot is

“Memory Stick” media/SD Memory
Card/xD-Picture Card

Compact, light, removable storage media.
For details see pages 63 to 65.


A standard specified by the Camera &
Imaging Products Association that allows
you to connect a PictBridge-complaint
digital camera directly to the printer without
a PC, enabling direct printing on the spot.


Miniature images for representing the
original images that are stored in the image
files taken by a digital camera. The printer
uses thumbnails in the image list.

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