Sony DPP-FP77 User Manual

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You can adjust the size, position, hue or other picture property of the selected image.

You can place multiple photos on split screens to make a print.

You can print a large number of images of a memory card or USB memory at one time.

You can create an original calendar by selecting images.

You can specify the desired width and height of a photo.

1 Edit

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For the icons you can use, see page 16.

2 Layout Print

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You can make a print with 2-split, 4-split, 9-split, 13-split or
16-split images.

3 Batch Print

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You can select from batch print options such as “Index Print,”
“Print All,” and “DPOF Print.”

4 Calendar

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5 ID Photo

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You can use a photo for an identification card such as a

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