Sony DPP-FP77 User Manual

Page 54

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The picture quality
and colors of the
image previewed
on the screen
differs from those

c Because of differences in the display

method or profiles of an LCD screen,
please regard the image being displayed
on the display as just a reference. To
adjust picture quality, do either of the
Changing the Color Setting


.page 31)

Adjusting an image (

.page 23)

The settings take effect on the displayed
images only.

The printed image
differs when an
image is printed
directly from the
memory card
inserted into the
printer’s slot and
when it is printed
via a PC.

c Because of the differences in the printer’s

internal processing and PC software
processing, the printed images will be

The date cannot be

• Is “Date Print” set to “ON”?

c Set “Date Print” to “ON.” (.“Setting

the Date Print” on page 29)

• Does the image support


c The “Date Print” function of this unit

supports an image that is compatible with
the DCF standards.

The date is printed

• Is “Date Print” set to “OFF”?

c Set “Date Print” to “OFF.” (.“Setting

the Date Print” on page 29)

• Was the date saved with the

image when it was shot with
the digital camera?

c If the date was saved with the image, you

cannot make a print without a date.

The image cannot
be printed fully in
the print range.
Borders remain.

• Did you select “Borders

(Pattern 1)” or “Borders
(Pattern 2)”?

c Select “Borderless.” (.“Setting the

print finish (Borders/Borderless Print)” on
page 30

• Is the aspect ratio of the

image correct?

c Depending on the type of digital camera

used, the aspect ratio of the recorded
image differs, so the image may not be
printed covering the entire printable area.




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