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Additional information


• Be careful not to set or drop any heavy

objects on the power cord, or to damage the
power cord in any way. Never operate this
printer with a damaged power cord.

• Should any solid object or liquid fall into the

cabinet, unplug the printer and have it
checked by qualified personnel before
operating it any further.

• Never disassemble the printer.
• To disconnect the power cord, pull it out by

the plug. Never pull the power cord itself.

• When the printer is not going to be used for

an extended period of time, disconnect the
power cord from the wall outlet.

• Do not handle the printer roughly.
• To reduce the risk of electrical shock, always

unplug the printer from the electrical outlet
before cleaning and servicing the printer.

• Avoid placing the printer in a location

subject to:
– vibration
– humidity
– excessive dust
– direct sunlight
– extremely high or low temperatures

• Do not use electrical equipment near the

printer. The printer will not work properly in
electromagnetic fields.

• Do not place heavy objects on the printer.
• Leave enough room around the printer so

that the ventilation holes are not blocked.
Blocking these holes may cause internal heat

On the AC adaptor

• Be sure to use the AC adaptor supplied with

the printer. Do not use other AC adaptors, as
this may cause a malfunction.

• Do not use the supplied AC adaptor for other


• In case the cord of the AC adaptor is

damaged, do not use it any longer, as this
may be dangerous.

On moisture condensation

If the printer is brought directly from a cold
location to a warm location or placed in an
extremely warm or humid room, moisture may
condense inside the unit. In such cases the
printer will probably not work properly and
may even develop a fault if you persist in using
it. If moisture condensation occurs, unplug the
AC power cord of the printer and do not use the
printer for at least one hour.

On transport

When you transport the printer, remove the ink
ribbon, paper tray, AC adaptor, the memory
card, or a USB memory from the printer and
put the printer and its peripherals in the original
box with the protective packaging.

If you no longer have the original box and
packing parts, use similar packing material so
that the printer will not be damaged while
being transported.

Clean the cabinet, panel, and controls with a
soft dry cloth, or a soft cloth lightly moistened
with a mild detergent solution. Do not use any
type of solvent, such as alcohol or benzine,
which may damage the finish.

On safety

On installation

On cleaning

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