Precautions – Sony D-VM1 User Manual

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On safety

• Caution – The use of optical instruments

with this product will increase eye hazard.

• This unit operates on 100 – 240 V AC, 50/

60 Hz. Check that the unit’s operating
voltage is identical with your local power

• To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not

place objects filled with liquids, such as
vases, on the apparatus.

• Should any solid object or liquid fall into

the cabinet, unplug the player and have it
checked by qualified personnel before
operating it any further.

• Do not put any foreign objects in the DC IN

10 V (external power input) jack.

• To prevent fire, do not cover the ventilation

of the apparatus with newspapers, table-
cloths, curtains, etc. And don’t place lighted
candles on the apparatus.

• Do not install the appliance in a confined

space, such as a bookcase or built-in

On temperature increases

• Heat may build up inside the unit during

charging or if it is being used for a long
time. This is not a malfunction.

• If the surrounding temperature is very high,

the protective function will turn off the
player automatically. Leave the player in a
cool location for about 30 minutes before
using it again.

On handling the player

• Keep the lens on the player clean and do not

touch it. If you do so, the lens may be
damaged and the player will not operate

• Do not put any heavy object on top of the

player. The player and the disc may be

• Do not leave the player in a location near

heat sources, or in a place subject to direct
sunlight, excessive dust or sand, moisture,

rain, mechanical shock, on an unlevel
surface, or in a car with its windows closed.

• If the player causes interference to radio or

television reception, turn off the player or
move it away from the radio or television.

• If the player is brought directly from a cold

to a warm location, or is placed in a very
damp place, moisture may condense on the
lenses of the player. Should this occur, the
player may not operate properly. In this
case, remove the disc and leave the player
for about half an hour until the moisture

• Discs with non-standard shapes (e.g., heart,

square, star) cannot be played on this
player. Attempting to do so may damage the
player. Do not use such discs.

On the rechargeable battery

• Charge the rechargeable battery before you

start using it.

• Do not allow dust to come into contact with

the battery terminals of the player and
rechargeable battery.

• Do not short the terminals.
• Do not leave the battery in a place subject to

direct sunlight, or in a car with its windows

• Keep the battery dry.


To store the rechargeable battery

The rechargeable battery is consumed
gradually as time elapses even if it is not
used. In order to prevent the battery from
deteriorating, store the rechargeable battery
as follows:
• Remove the rechargeable battery from the

player after use.

• Use up the battery completely on the player

before storing it.

• Keep the rechargeable battery in a cool

location to prevent it from deteriorating.

• Charge and use the rechargeable battery at

least once in 6 months.


To dispose of the rechargeable battery

Certain countries may regulate disposal of
the battery used to power this product.
Please consult with your local authority.