Additional information, Troubleshooting, Power – Sony D-VM1 User Manual

Page 70: Picture, Sound

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Additional Information


If you experience any of the following
difficulties while using the player, use this
troubleshooting guide to help remedy the
problem before requesting repairs. Should
any problem persist, consult your nearest
Sony dealer.


The power will not turn on.

, If you are using the player with the

rechargeable battery, you cannot turn on the
player using the remote. Press


on the

monitor unit or player.

, Check that the rechargeable battery or power

cord is connected securely.

, The rechargeable battery is not charged.
, Check that the rechargeable battery is

connected correctly (page 18).

The power is turned off.

, The Auto Power Off function is activated

(page 22).


There is no picture, or the picture is

black and white.

, The disc is not placed correctly.
, The connecting cords are not connected

securely. (Reconnect the AV output adaptor or
monitor unit after turning off the power.)

, The connecting cords are damaged.
, The player is not connected to the correct TV

input jack (page 53).

, The video input on the TV is not set so that you

can view pictures on the player.

, (Hong Kong, China and tourist models only)

Depending on the TV, the picture on the
screen is shown in black and white when you
play a disc recorded in the NTSC color system.

Picture noise appears.

, The disc is dirty or flawed.
, If the picture output from your player goes

through your VCR to get to your TV, the copy-
protection signal applied to some DVD
programs could affect picture quality. If you
still experience problems even when you
connect your player directly to your TV,
please try connecting your player to your TV’s
S video input (page 53).

, If the color system of your player does not

match with that of your TV, change the color
system of the player. For details, see page 62.
(You cannot change the color system of the
DVD disc itself.)

Even though you set the aspect ratio


the picture does not fill the screen.

, The aspect ratio of the disc is fixed on the


The aspect ratio of the picture appears

incorrectly on the monitor unit.

, The AV output adaptor is connected when

“TV TYPE” is set to “16:9.”


There is no sound.

, The connecting cord is not connected securely.
, The connecting cord is damaged.
, The player is connected to the wrong input

jack on the amplifier (receiver) (page 54, 56,

, The amplifier (receiver) input is not selected

so that you can listen to the player.

, The player is in pause mode or in Slow-motion

Play mode.

, The player is in fast forward or fast reverse


, No sound is heard during strobe playback or

angle viewer.

, DTS or MPEG audio track is selected (page


, A Virtual Surround mode is selected when the

MPEG audio component is connected using
the optical digital cord (page 62).