Sony D-VM1 User Manual

Page 58

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Connecting to an AV amplifier (receiver) with a digital input jack having a

Dolby Digital, MPEG* audio, or DTS decoder, and 6 speakers

This connection will allow you to use the Dolby Digital, MPEG audio or DTS decoder function
of your AV amplifier (receiver).


Recommended surround sound effects using this connection with your

amplifier (receiver)

• Dolby Digital (5.1ch)
• DTS (5.1ch)
• MPEG audio (5.1ch)

(Set “SOUND MODE” to “NORMAL” in either cases.)


To enhance the surround sound effects, refer to the operating instructions of the amplifier (receiver) for correct

speaker setting location.


After you have completed the connection, be sure to set “DOLBY DIGITAL” to “DOLBY DIGITAL” (page 61). If
your AV amplifier (receiver) has a DTS decoder, set “DTS” to “ON” (page 61). If your AV amplifier (receiver) has
an MPEG audio decoder, set “MPEG” to “MPEG” (page 67). Otherwise, no sound or a loud noise will come from
the speakers.

* Except for the USA and Canadian models