Sony D-VM1 User Manual

Page 71

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, While playing a Super VCD on which audio

track 2 is not recorded, no sound will come out
when you select “2:STEREO,” “2:1/L” or

The sound is noisy.

, The disc is dirty or flawed.
, The disc is not placed correctly.
, The headphones plug is dirty (page 5).

The volume is low when playing a


, The sound in DVDs tends to be recorded in

lower level than that in CDs or VIDEO CDs
(page 10).


The remote does not function.

, If you are using the player with the

rechargeable battery, you cannot turn on the
player using the remote. Press


on the

monitor unit or player.

, There are obstacles between the remote and

the player.

, The distance between the remote and the

player is too apart.

, The remote is not pointed at the remote sensor

on the player.

, The remote sensor of the player is exposed to

strong light.

, The batteries in the remote are weak.

The disc does not play.

, The disc is upside down, loose, etc.
, The player cannot play CD-ROMs, etc. (page

9). Depending on the disc, “C:13:00 The disc
is dirty.” may appear in this case.

, The region code on the DVD does not match

that of the player (page 8).

, Moisture has condensed inside the player.

Remove the disc and leave the player for about
half an hour (page 3).

The disc does not start playing from

the beginning.

, Program Play, Shuffle Play, Repeat Play or A-

B Repeat Play has been selected (page 28).
While pressing SHIFT, press VOL –
(CLEAR) to cancel these functions before
playing a disc.

, Resume Play has been selected.

While the player is stopped, press



pressing SHIFT, or open and then refasten the
buckle, and then start playback (page 25).

The player starts playing the disc


, The DVD features an auto playback function.

Operation is not possible.

, The HOLD function is activated (The

POWER indicator flashes in red). Release the
HOLD function (page 49).

The headphones volume cannot be


, AVLS is activated. Release AVLS (page 48).

Playback stops automatically.

, The disc automatically displays the menu (still


You cannot perform some functions

such as stop, Scan, Slow-motion Play,

Repeat Play, Shuffle Play, or Program


, Depending on the disc, you may not be able to

use some of the operations above. See the
operating manual that comes with the disc.

Messages do not appear on the

screen in the language you want.

, In Setup Display, select the desired language

for the on-screen display in “OSD” under
“LANGUAGE SETUP” (page 64).