Sony D-VM1 User Manual

Page 74

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prohibited, violent scenes are skipped or
replaced with other scenes, etc.

Region Code (page 8)

This system is used to protect copyrights. A
region number is allocated on each DVD
player or DVD disc according to the sales
region. Each region code is shown on the
player as well as on the disc packaging. The
player can play the discs that match its region
code. The player can also play discs with the

mark. Even when the region code is not

shown on the DVD, the region limit may still
be activated.

Scene (page 14)

On a VIDEO CD with PBC (playback
control) functions, the menu screens, moving
pictures and still pictures are divided into
sections called “scenes.”

Title (page 14)

The longest section of a picture or music
feature on a DVD, movie, etc., in video
software, or the entire album in audio

Track (page 14)

Sections of a picture or a music feature on a
VIDEO CD or CD (the length of a song).