2 factory preset timing for reference, 2 panel controls and osd functions, 1 auto tune – Koller-Craft Plastic Hawkeye 1U rack mount 15" TFT monitor/keyboard drawer RPD-1151 User Manual

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RPD-1151/1158 User Manual


2.1.2 Factory Preset Timing for Reference

VGA 640×350 @ 70Hz

VGA 640X400@70Hz

VGA 720×400 @ 70Hz

VGA 640×480 @ 60/ 72/ 75Hz

SVGA 800×600 @ 56/ 60/ 72/ 75Hz

Preset mode

XGA 1024×768 @ 60/ 70/ 72/ 75Hz

2.2 Panel Controls and OSD Functions



Power On/Off switch

Soft power on/off button. Adjacent LED is lit when on.

Auto Auto-synchronize


scale down display to any valid

factory preset timings.

Press to scroll the function you want to adjust.

Press to scroll the function you want to adjust.


To access the main menu. This bottom also acts as the

“Enter” bottom.

2.2.1 Auto tune

1. Press the “auto tune” bottom. The panel will adjust the display size

automatically and also tune the panel to its best condition.

2.2.2 Brightness

1. Press the “menu” button.

2. Use the ▼ and ▲ button to scroll.

3. Press the “menu” button to enter.

4. Use the ▼ and ▲ button to adjust the brightness of the display.

5. Press the “auto” button to exit.

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