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factory defaults. You are asked to confirm before the

procedure goes on. Key in

Y, then press [Enter] to confirm.

While the settings are being cleared, a message appears on

the display to indicate so. After the settings have been cleared,

another message appears to indicate that the procedure

completed successfully.

LOCK CONSOLE* To lock or unlock the Console. When the Console is locked,

only the current monitor screen displays. Attempts to input

information from the console have no effect; attempts to switch

to a different port, either from the Console or by pressing the

manual switches, have no effect either. The only way to regain

access to the computers is by Unlocking the Console. If a

password has been set, you must provide the password in

order to Lock / Unlock the Console. If no password has been

set, pressing [Enter] will Lock / Unlock the Console.

* If a password has been set, these settings require you to supply a proper password in

order to access them. See the OSD Security section, below, for details.

5.5.6 Factory Default Settings

The factory default settings are as follows:



Display Duration

Always On

Display Mode

The Port Number plus the Port Name

Scan Duration

3 Seconds

5.5.7 OSD Security

In order to prevent unauthorized access to the computers, the OSD provides a

password security feature. If a password has been set, the OSD will request that

the user specify it before allowing entry. To set a password:

1. Press [F6] to bring up the Setup configuration menu.

2. Move the highlight bar to Set Password, then press [Enter].

3. Key in the new password, then press [Enter].

The password may be up to 8 characters long, and can consist of any

combination of letters and numbers (A - Z, 0 - 9).

4. Key in the new password again, in order to confirm that it is correct, then press


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