Chapter 4 touch screen (rpd-1151t), 1 installation of rpd-1151t, 1 software installation for win95/98 – Koller-Craft Plastic Hawkeye 1U rack mount 15" TFT monitor/keyboard drawer RPD-1151 User Manual

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RPD-1151/1158 User Manual



4.1 Installation of RPD-1151T

4.1.1 Software installation for Win95/98


Insert the Onetouch utility diskette (described in the packing list) into

your floppy disk drive.


Choose [Run] from the [Start] menu

iii. Type



The [Onetouch Setup Utility Dialog Box] should appear.


The software installation for Win NT is the same as Win 95/98. However

the installation the software driver for Win NT must be after the Win

95/98 is completed.

2. Click [Next] button. The [ Onetouch Driver Utility Dialog Box] should appear.

3. Select the COM port (COM1-COM4) that your touchscreen is connected to.

4. If there is a conflict with the default “ Port IRQ Select” setting, i.e., you should

change this setting to an available IRQ.

5. Click [Next] button to continue next step.

6. Put a check in the box next to [Select Onetouch Right Button] ON/OFF to

enable the right mouse button feature.

7. Click [Next ] button to continue next step.

8. Now you have completed Onetouch touchscreen setting. Click [Next] to start

the screen alignment.

9. Touch each point on the quadrants when prompted (touch the screen gently,

without dragging your finger on the touch panel). When you release your

finger, you will hear a beep.

10. Move to the next point. After you touch the last point the following “Fixed

Position” display will appear. *

11. Touch anywhere on the screen; the cursor should appear under your finger.

Hold your finger on the screen and drag the cursor around. If the cursor

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