Koller-Craft Plastic Hawkeye 1U rack mount 15" TFT monitor/keyboard drawer RPD-1151 User Manual

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RPD-1151/1158 User Manual


responds correctly then your touch panel is accurately aligned to your


12. Touch [OK] button to exit and the [Reboot Message Dialog Box] will appear.

13. Remove the setup diskette from the floppy disk and click [Reboot] button

after [Installation Driver OK] appear.

14. If you choose [Right Button ON] when you complete installing the Software

Driver, you will find the Right Button Icon appeared on the right-down hand of

the screen.

15. To make changes to the Right button feature settings, click the [Onetouch

Icon]on the taskbar.To make changes to the COM port, mouse driver feature

settings, click the Start button choose Program, point to Onetouch

Config.exe icon.

* Note : If you are not satisfied with the screen alignment, select the [Retry]

button (This can be done by typing [R] on the keyboard).

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