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RPD-1151/1158 User Manual



AC/IN 90V~264V





3.2 Connecting the Drawer

To connect an RPD-1151 and RPD-1158 monitor/keyboard drawer to a computer,

perform the following steps:

The rear view of the RPD-1151/ 1151T

1. Turn off your computer. You should always turn off your computer

before connecting or disconnecting a device.

2. Connect the KVM cable to the “System 1” connector on the

monitor/keyboard drawer.

3. Connect the video (VGA) connector of the KVM cable to the video card

connector on the rear panel of your computer.

4. Identify and connect the PS/2 mouse and PS/2 keyboard connector to

the correct PS/2 ports on the rear panel of your computer.

5. Connect the AC power cord to the power inlet on the drawer and then to

a power outlet.

NOTE: Please refer to chapter 5 for more information about the RPD-1158.

3.3 Turning On the Drawer

Make sure all cables and the power cord are connected properly. Be sure to tighten all

connector screws. Using two hands, grasp the rear of the drawer, lift the tab and pull

the panel up and forward. This will disengage the momentary on/off switch and the

unit should power on. The LED on the left of the monitor panel should turn from

orange to green, verifying that the unit is operational.

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