4 testing the drawer – Koller-Craft Plastic Hawkeye 1U rack mount 15" TFT monitor/keyboard drawer RPD-1151 User Manual

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RPD-1151/1158 User Manual


3.4 Testing the Drawer

To test that the drawer is working properly, perform the following steps:

1. Power up the monitor/keyboard drawer, and then turn on your computer.

2. Make sure the video image is centered within the screen area. Use the

OSD controls to adjust the image (see note below) or press the Auto

button on the right hand side of the monitor.

Note: If the unit does not power up when the panel is pulled up, try pushing the soft
power on/off button on the left side of the monitor panel to power up the unit.

Note: You can adjust the horizontal and vertical position, contrast, and brightness to
better suit your video card and your personal preference. Refer to Chapter 2 for more

information on using the on-screen menu to adjust the video display

Before you begin, make sure that powers to all the devices you will be connecting up

have been turned off. To prevent damage to your installation due to ground potential

difference, make sure that all the devices on the installation are properly grounded.

Consult your direct vendor for any technical issues if necessary.

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