2 software installation for dos and win 3.1 – Koller-Craft Plastic Hawkeye 1U rack mount 15" TFT monitor/keyboard drawer RPD-1151 User Manual

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RPD-1151/1158 User Manual


4.1.2 Software installation for DOS and Win 3.1

1. Insert the utility diskette (described in the packing list) into your floppy disk


2. At the DOS prompt [C:>], type [A: INSTALL] then press [Enter].

3. Type in the [Source Disk Driver] (type A if it’s in A drive)

4. At the prompt [Now Connect COM Port:], type your COM port number and

press [enter].

5. At the prompt [Install Windows Directory:], type the directory in which

Windows is installed. Press [Enter].

6. At the prompt [Do You Want Right Button Mode (Y/N):], type [N] (DOS doesn

not support right button mode). Press [Enter].

7. At the prompt [Do You Want To Use Another Mouse(Y/N):], type [N] (if your

mouse is not MS compatible type, than type [Y] and type the directory of your

mouse driver). Press [Enter].

8. After the line “Now Installing INTC Touch Screen Driver” appears, press


9. Reboot your PC.

10. After your PC is rebooted, you can start the MKSCR (screen alignment)


11. Change your directory to INTC by typing [cd INTC] at prompt [C:\]

12. Type [MKSCR 640 480] at the prompt [C:\INTC].**

13. Following the instructions on your screen. Touch each point gently without

dragging your finger on the touch panel.

14. After you touch the last point, [OK] will appear. Touch the [OK] button on the

touch panel to exit the MKSCR program. (if nothing happens when you

touch the [OK] button, then the touch panel is not correctly aligned to your

monitor. Then press the [ESC] key; this will return you to step 13). Your

Onetouch touchscreen is now ready to use.

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