Koller-Craft Plastic Hawkeye 1U rack mount 15" TFT monitor/keyboard drawer RPD-1151 User Manual

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RPD-1151/1158 User Manual


When a port has been selected, an arrowhead displays in the QV column to

indicate so. The arrowhead disappears when a port is deselected.

F5 Edit:

To help remember which computer is attached to a particular port, every port can

be given a name. The Edit function allows you to create, modify, or delete port

names. To Edit a port name:

1. Move the highlight bar to the port you want to edit.

2. Press [F5].

3. Key in the new Port Name, or modify/delete the old one.

The maximum number of characters allowed for the Port Name is 15. Legal

characters include:

Š All alpha characters: a - z; A - Z

Š All numeric characters: 0 - 9

Š +, -, /, :, ., and Space

Case does not matter; OSD displays the Port Name in all capitals no matter how

they were keyed in.

4. When you have finished editing, press [Enter] to have the change take effect.

To abort the change, press [Esc].

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