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RPD-1151/1158 User Manual



Number keys must be pressed from the regular keyboard; not from the

numeric keypad.


If you submit an incorrect Port ID, an error message displays, and you

are returned to the OSD Main Menu.

5.5.4 OSD Main Menu Headings:


This column lists the Port ID numbers (Station Number - Port

Number) for all the CPU Ports on the installation. The simplest

method to access a particular computer is to move the Highlight

Bar to it, then press [Enter].


If a port has been selected for Quick View scanning (see F2 and

F4, below), an arrowhead displays in this column to indicate so.


Lists all the computers that are Powered On and are On Line.

NAME If a port has been given a name (see F5, below), its name

appears in this column.

5.5.5 The Function Keys:

Pressing a Function Key brings up a submenu that is used to configure and control

the OSD. For example, you can: rapidly switch to any port; scan selected ports

only; limit the list you wish to view; designate a port for Quick View scanning; create

or edit a port name; or make OSD setting adjustments.

F1 GoTo:

GoTo allows you to switch directly to a port by either of the following two methods:

1. Move the Highlight Bar to the port you want then press [Enter].

2. Key in the Port ID or Name, then press [Enter].

Note: GoTo has a special feature that narrows the list of available choices as

you type the name. For example, if the first letter you type is a, the list

only displays those ports whose names begin with a. If the next letter

you type is b, the list only displays the ports whose names begin with ab,


To return to the OSD Main Menu without making a choice, press [Esc].

F2 Scan:

Pressing [F2] initiates Quick View Scanning, in which the OSD cycles through all

the ports that are currently selected in the List view (see F3, below), and displays

each one for the amount of time set with the Set Scan Duration function (see F6,

below). When you want to stop at a particular location, press the [Spacebar] to stop


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