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RPD-1151/1158 User Manual


4.2 Basic Touchscreen Operation

4.2.1 Opening menu

To open a menue, such as the Start menue on the Windows desktop touch the Start

button once, lightly and rapidly. Other menus are opened in the same way.

4.2.2 Single tapping

This technique is used to select an object or item from a menu, or to open a menu, as

described above. For most applications, single-tapping is equivalent to single clicking

the left mouse button.

4.2.3 Double tapping

This is a common technique for launching programs from icons. To launch a program,

rapidly touch the object two times. This action is commonly referred to as

“Double-clicking” on an object.

4.2.4 Dragging

This technique is used to movie items. Touch and keep your finger on the item, then

move or drag the item and release it where desired. To move text: run your finger over

the text to first select it. Now touch and drag the text to the new location and release.

4.2.5 Right clicking

This feature has the same function as the right button on a conventional mouse.

When this feature is enabled, touching any object on the Windows desktop activates

the properties menu.

If you choose use right button when you install the Driver, you will find the “Right

Button ICON” appear on your right-down hand of the screen after the Software Drive

install complete. This activates the right button feature.

Now touch right button “ICON” on your desktop to display its properties. The “right

button” feature is activated for a single tap only. To “right click” another object you

must touch the ICON again.

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