Figure 3. configuration tree shortcut menu, Using the test panel to generate and acquire data – National Instruments PXI-6561/6562 User Manual

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NI Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzer Guide


Figure 3. Configuration Tree Shortcut Menu

b. When the self-test finishes, a message window appears to indicate if

an error occurred. If an error occurred, refer to

for troubleshooting information.


If you need to reset the device with a hard reset, you can do so

by right-clicking the device and selecting Reset Device from the
shortcut menu shown in Figure 3.

6. Record the device name assigned to the digital device. You need this

information when you program the device.

Using the Test Panel to Generate and Acquire Data

To verify your device configuration, use the device test panel in MAX to
generate and acquire simple digital data using your device by completing the
following steps:

1. Right-click the device under NI-DAQmx Devices, and select Test Panels

as shown in Figure 3.

2. Click the Generation tab.

3. Select the Dynamic tab on the side of the pane.

4. Click Select All to select all of your channels. The digital pattern now

appears in the graph.

5. Enter the frequency in the Clock Frequency control, located on the left

side of the test panel.