Install ni-hsdio, Ni script editor, Optional) install the ni digital waveform editor – National Instruments PXI-6561/6562 User Manual

Page 7: Installing the hardware

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NI Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzer Guide

Install NI-HSDIO

NI-HSDIO features a set of operations and attributes that allow you to
programmatically configure and control the digital waveform
generator/analyzer. To install NI-HSDIO, complete the following steps:

1. Insert the first CD of the NI-HSDIO CD set. The NI-HSDIO installer

should open automatically. If not, select Start»Run, and enter


, where


is the letter of the CD drive.

2. Follow the instructions in the installation prompts. For troubleshooting

and operating system-specific instructions, refer to the Hardware
Installation Wizard at


3. When the installer completes, a dialog box appears that asks if you want

to restart, shut down, or exit. Select Restart.

4. If you are using a system running the LabVIEW Real-Time Module,

download NI-HSDIO to the target using MAX. Refer to the
Measurement & Automation Explorer Remote Systems Help by selecting
Help»Help Topics»Remote Systems in MAX.

NI Script Editor

The NI Script Editor is included on the NI-HSDIO CD and is installed when
you install the driver. The NI Script Editor provides an intuitive interface
to help you develop linking and looping pattern generation operations.
NI Script Editor Help contains more information about the NI Script Editor.
You can access NI Script Editor Help by launching the NI Script Editor and
selecting Help»NI Script Editor Help from the toolbar.

(Optional) Install the NI Digital Waveform Editor

The NI Digital Waveform Editor (DWE) is included with the higher-memory
versions of NI digital waveform generator/analyzers and also can be
purchased separately at

. The NI DWE allows you to easily import

data from popular third-party EDA programs, create your own waveforms,
edit these waveforms, and view acquired waveforms.

If you are using the NI DWE, install it after you install NI-HSDIO.

5. Installing the Hardware

To install your NI digital waveform generator/analyzer, follow the
instructions in the section that describes your hardware platform.

When installing your hardware, follow the instructions in this section to
ensure that your device can cool itself effectively. If the device temperature
rises above the optimal operating temperature range, the device disables
itself, and MAX or NI-HSDIO notifies you with an error message. For more