Maintaining pxi systems, Uninstalling pxi modules – National Instruments PXI-6561/6562 User Manual

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NI Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzer Guide

7. Holding the module by the ejector handle, slide it into an empty slot,

ensuring that the base card (on the left when looking at the front of the
module) engages with the card guides in the chassis.

8. Slide the module completely into the chassis and latch by pulling up on

the ejector handle.

9. Tighten the captive screws at the top and bottom of the module front


10. Before operating the module, install all chassis covers and filler panels.

Missing filler panels disrupt the necessary air circulation in the chassis.


NI recommends that you install slot blockers between

modules to maximize air flow. NI recommends using the PXI
Chassis Slot Blocker Kit, part number 778678-01, available for
purchase at


NI PXI modules are sensitive instruments that should be handled carefully.
Do not expose the module to temperatures or humidity beyond the rated
maximums. Keep the module free of dust by cleaning with compressed air
only. Do not clean the module with any solvents or liquids. For more
information about module cooling, refer to the guidelines in the Maintain
Forced-Air Cooling Note to Users
included with your NI digital waveform

Maintaining PXI Systems

Clean the fan filters on the chassis regularly to prevent air circulation path
blockage. Cleaning frequency depends on the amount of use and the
operating environment. For specific information about cleaning procedures,
and other recommended maintenance, refer to the module specifications and
the chassis user documentation.

Uninstalling PXI Modules

When removing PXI modules from the chassis, first power down the chassis.
Then ensure that you are grounded with a grounding strap or are touching a
grounded metal surface. To avoid ESD, do not touch the exposed pins of the
PXI connector or any exposed circuitry on the module. When not in use, PXI
modules should be stored in the original antistatic packaging to avoid


During operation the metal surfaces of PXI modules may

become hot. Be careful when removing the module from the chassis
or when moving it to a different peripheral slot. When removing the
module, hold it by the ejector handle and front panel only.