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NI Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzer Guide

Device Does Not Appear in MAX

Complete the following steps if the NI device does not appear in MAX:

1. In the MAX Configuration pane, click Devices and Interfaces to expand

the category.

2. Click NI-DAQmx Devices and press <F5> to refresh the list of installed


3. If the device is still not listed, power down the system, ensure the device

is correctly installed, and restart.

4. If the device still does not appear under NI-DAQmx Devices, contact

NI support at


Device Failed the Self-Test

The MAX self-test performs a brief test of device resources. If the device
does not pass the self-test, complete the following steps:

1. Reboot your system.

2. Launch MAX and perform the self-test again. If the device still fails the

self-test, proceed to step 3.

3. Uninstall and reinstall NI-HSDIO.

4. If the device still fails the self-test, contact NI support at



I Received a Thermal Shutdown Error

I received the


error, and my

device shut down. What should I do next?

To re-enable your device after a thermal shutdown, you must perform a hard
reset, in which the device integrated circuits (ICs) are reloaded. To re-enable
your device after thermal shutdown, complete the following steps:

1. Power down the computer or chassis that contains the device.

2. Review the procedure in step

5. Installing the Hardware

and make any

necessary adjustments to ensure that your device is effectively cooled.

3. Call


(NI-HSDIO Reset Device VI) or perform

a device reset in MAX. For more information on performing a device
reset in MAX, refer to step

6. Configuring and Testing in MAX


The thermal shutdown error continues to be reported until the device has
been successfully reset.