Connecting signals, Connecting cables and accessories, Using accessories (ni 654x/655x only) – National Instruments PXI-6561/6562 User Manual

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NI Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzer Guide


7. Connecting Signals

This section discusses what connections you can make to the device, and how
to connect signals to the device for performing dynamic acquisition and
dynamic generation. For device front panel diagrams and connector
descriptions, refer to

Appendix A: Device Front Panels


Connecting Cables and Accessories

To make connections to the NI digital waveform generator/analyzer front
panel SMB jack connectors, use a shielded 50

coaxial cable with an SMB

plug end.

Use an NI SHC68-C68-D2 cable for connections to the NI 654X/655X DDC
connector. The NI SHC68-C68-D2 is designed for single-ended, high-speed
digital signal transmission. The cable is shielded, with individual
microcoaxial 50

lines for each signal. Use an SHB12X-B12X cable for

connections to the NI 656X DDC connector. This cable is designed for
differential, high-speed digital signal transmission.

Using Accessories (NI 654X/655X Only)

NI recommends using the NI CB-2162 single-ended digital I/O accessory to
access the signals on the 68-pin DDC connector and to terminate the
DIO channels. The NI CB-2162 also provides a platform for circuit
prototyping and DUT testing. The NI CB-2162 is specifically designed for
use with single-ended NI digital waveform generator/analyzers
(NI 654X/655X). For more information about using the NI CB-2162, refer to
the NI CB-2162 User Guide.

NI also offers the NI SMB-2163 breakout box for National Instruments
single-ended digital waveform generator/analyzers. The NI SMB-2163 offers
coaxial SMB connectors for each channel on the DDC connector, providing
an easy way to connect to other devices for testing and debugging. For more
information about using the NI SMB-2163, refer to the NI SMB-2163 User

Figures 4 and 5 show how to connect a single-ended NI digital waveform
generator/analyzer and the NI CB-2162 and NI SMB-2163, respectively,
using the NI SHC68-C68-D2 cable.