Verifying the system components, Minimum system requirements – National Instruments PXI-6561/6562 User Manual

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NI Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzer Guide


CompactPCI refers to the core specification defined
by the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers
Group (PICMG).


Italic text denotes variables, emphasis, or a cross
reference. This font also denotes text that is a
placeholder for a word or value that you must


Text in this font denotes text or characters that you
should enter from the keyboard, sections of code,
programming examples, and syntax examples. This
font is also used for the proper names of disk drives,
paths, directories, programs, subprograms,
subroutines, device names, functions, operations,
variables, filenames, and extensions.

monospace bold

Bold text in this font denotes the messages and
responses that the computer automatically prints to
the screen. This font also emphasizes lines of code
that are different from the other examples.

monospace italic

Italic text in this font denotes text that is a
placeholder for a word or value that you must


Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) is a
high-performance expansion bus architecture
originally developed by Intel to replace ISA
and EISA.


PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation (PXI) is a
rugged, open system for modular instrumentation
based on CompactPCI, with special mechanical,
electrical, and software features.

1. Verifying the System Components

This section specifies the minimum system requirements and recommended
system for NI-HSDIO and your digital waveform generator/analyzer.

Minimum System Requirements

The minimum system requirements include the following components
and tools:

Pentium 200 MHz or equivalent processor


A PXI chassis and controller or desktop computer