Numark Industries AXIS 9 User Manual

Page 17

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Time: switches the time modes on the display between elapsed

playing time, remaining time on the track and remaining time on

the entire CD. This setting will be remembered at power down.

Single: toggles the unit to play back just one track at a time (single)

or play continuously through all tracks and then start over

repeating the CD infinitely (continuous). This setting will be

remembered at power down.

You have an option for eliminating the dead space at the end of

tracks during continuous mode. The unit already automatically

removes dead space at the beginning of tracks. End of track dead

space elimination is useful if you are playing a CD continuously

and want to eliminate all the gaps between songs. Press

“PROG” followed by “SGL”. The display will indicate “

when the function is set to eliminate space and indicates “

“ when the unit is left to leave the natural space between

tracks. This setting will be remembered at power down.

Track Selection: Rotate the dial to quickly find the desired track. To

advance by +10, press the knob while rotating.

You can also pre program the desired sequence of songs Track

sequence programming can be done by pressing “PROG” while

the unit is stopped and “

” will light. Select each

track to be programmed then press “PROG” between selections.

Press “PLAY/STUTTER” to start the track sequence program

playing. To exit and erase program hold “PROG” for more than 2

seconds while the unit is stopped, open the disc tray, or turn off

the power.

Search: Pressing the “TRACK” selector changes the

mode of the jog wheel to a search mode. Search

will remain active while the wheel is being moved

and for 8 seconds after. Moving the wheel clockwise

rapidly moves forward through the music.

Counterclockwise moves backwards through the

music. There are 2 search speeds depending upon

wheel rotation speed.