Numark Industries AXIS 9 User Manual

Page 24

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RELOOP/STUTTER: 2 functions depending on loop setting.

“RELOOP” is only possible if “LOOP” points have been previously set.

The “RELOOP” function automatically returns the music to the “LOOP

IN” point and will play the loop until it is released with the “LOOP OUT”


“STUTTER” starts instant play from previously set “Hot” points. Simply

set your stutter (Hot Start) point by follow the directions for setting

loop in because the points are the same. Remember the button

serves also for the reloop function so if a loop out has been set

the unit will also loop until released. This function lets you set 3

Hot Start points. The first is based on the “PLAY” cue point and the

second two are based upon “LOOP IN”. Since the default “LOOP IN”

points are also the initial start point your unit can be “stutter” started

from up to 3 buttons.

Note: The CD Player will always remember a new set “Hot” points until you

actually set a new “LOOP IN” point or put in a new CD. The new point will be

accessible until you remove the CD from the unit. If you change tracks and you

previously set a “Loop In” on another track, pressing “RELOOP/STUTTER” will

jump to that point.