Numark Industries AXIS 9 User Manual

Page 25

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The AXIS 9 uses Numark exclusive technology to lock the key of the music

in place at the current pitch position or change it from the current position.

This is different than “master tempo” often found on many modern units

because the key lock to the current pitch position and not automatically set

to the “0” pitch position. By doing this we have allowed you to activate

this function while playing without changing the key.

Key Lock: Pressing “KEY” holds the key in place. The display will


to show the current key is locked. If pitch

(tempo) is changed the current key will continue to play. By

putting the pitch at 100% you can actually slow the music to a

complete stop while playing the last heard tones of the music.

This works very well on vocals and can be a very cool effect. If

the unit has Key Lock active after the track has been changed

and before play is hit, the unit will lock to 0. If Key is

deactivated during pause the unit will reset to match the current

pitch position.

Key Change: Pressing “KEY” and then


will change the

key. The display will indicate the

and the new key .

The key can increase to 1 octave above normal key or up to 2

octaves above normal key when the Slide effect is used. The key

can decrease up to 5 octaves below normal key. The display will

limit to 19 half steps above or below normal key. If the key is

higher, the display will show "H". If it is lower, the display will

show "L".