Numark Industries AXIS 9 User Manual

Page 36

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This unit contains the latest software available at the time of manufacturing.

Our engineering staff will be working hard to constantly improve and offer

additional features in the future. The unit software has been designed to be

easily updateable by you through supplied CD updates from Numark. To

obtain the latest software version contact your local Numark Dealer or visit

us on the web at

In order to check your unit’s software version press “PROG” followed by the

“+” button. Three sets of numbers will appear. 000 00 00 00. Your units

function software will be in the “seconds” set of numbers

For example if R1 05 34 09 appears in the display you have version 34,

revision 1 of the unit code

Audio CD Programming Procedure


1. Go to

and download the latest version of the unit


2. Load update wave file onto a computer with CD Drive capable of

burning Audio CDs.

3. If zipped, using an unzip program on your computer, unzip the file.


4. Open up your CD burning software to burn an AUDIO CD.

5. Add the software wave file to the audio program contents. It is

advisable to burn the CD at the slowest speed possible to ensure an

accurate burn. If you have a disc-at-once option it should be used.

6. You should set the program to finalize the CD.

7. Burn the disc.


8. Power up your CD player with no CD inside.

9. Place in the CD in the tray and close the drawer with the OPEN/CLOSE

button. Do not close the drawer by pressing PLAY.

10. Wait until the display indicates time remaining.

11. Press the Play button. In the effect parameter display you will see the

word “test” as the time counts down. The unit will then go through the

cycle again and indicate “busy” while the unit is programmed.

12. At completion of the procedure the CD should eject automatically and

the display will indicate “good”.


13. Remove the CD and power the unit off for 3 seconds and then on


14. Recalibrate the unit following the “calibration procedure” included with

the software update.

Note: CD burning is dependant upon both the recording equipment and the CD

players ability to read the burned information. On rare occasions the unit may

have difficulty reading the burned CD. If the CD is ejected during the test

procedure, remove the CD and try again. If it fails again try re-burning the CD.

If this doesn’t work, contact Numark service at 401-295-9000 or for a free upgrade CD.