Numark Industries AXIS 9 User Manual

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The AXIS 9 includes the latest Numark patented Beatkeeper™ technology. The

Beatkeeper™ automatically tracks beats based upon a combination of

frequencies and rhythm patterns in the music. It shows BPM in the display and

outputs 4-count (a.k.a. measure) information about the music in a marching

bar graph.

The Bar Graph: Most dance music and rock is set up in 4 beat

increments called measures. Many of the features within the

AXIS-8 use this information for incredible results. It’s important

to understand the basics of how the Beatkeeper works to

effectively take advantage of other advanced features in the unit.

The bottom LED is for the 1


beat or “Down Beat”. Typically,

most music starts on the downbeat so the unit sets the first beat

to where the music begins. Occasionally this may not be correct or

you may wish to reset it. To reset the downbeat simply tap the

“BPM” button at the new downbeat location as the music is

playing or while in pause.

BPM: This button is used for resetting the downbeat and also re-

calibrating the BPM. The Beatkeeper is considered by many to be

the most accurate automatic beat counter on the market today,
however, it occasionally may have trouble determining the correct

BPM. This can happen when the music contains complex rhythms,

or if it starts without a beat at all. If you know the BPM showing

in the display is incorrect, or if the beat LEDs are not flashing with

the beat, you have 2 options to reset the Beatkeeper.

1. Tap “BPM” on the downbeat and hold for a second. This will

tell the unit to search and display the next BPM it finds.

2. If holding the “BPM” button doesn’t work you can manually

tap “BPM” on the beat and the display will indicate the new

BPM. The BPM will be based upon the average of your last 8

taps. The Beatkeeper will then know which beats in the

music it should be using to determine the correct BPM and it

will track them through the song.

Occasionally the unit will be tracking the wrong beat but have the

correct BPM. To reset the downbeat, simply tap the “BPM”

button once on the downbeat.