Numark Industries AXIS 9 User Manual

Page 34

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INCREASE/DECREASE: When the slave becomes the

master or is released from interlock and still playing,

the pitch playing will often be different than the

original position of the pitch slider. The pitch slider will

not function until it is brought to the new position.

Move the pitch slider in the direction shown in the

display. For example if the display says “INCREASE

4.5%” move the slider in the positive direction 4.5%

(increase). If it says “DECREASE -3%” then move

the slider in the negative direction 3% (decrease). As

you get closer to the correct position the indication will

reduce until you are at the pitch currently playing.

After this has been achieved all pitch functions will

return to the player and pitch can be adjusted as

normally. If the unit is stopped for any reason the

pitch will automatically reset to the current position of

the slider. Note: Interlock may automatically

deactivate when effects are engaged that can not

be beat aligned such as live scratch.


You can control the CD player via an external MIDI

controller such as a computer or Keyboard. The device
needs to transmit commands on Channel 6. The chart to

the right references which notes will trigger control of

various CD functions. You can also add a foot pedal for

even greater control.