Numark Industries AXIS 9 User Manual

Page 23

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Note: The “LOOP OUT” point will be erased if “LOOP IN” is pressed or

a new “CUE” point is set after the “LOOP OUT” point. This is important

because without this point, “RELOOP” will not be possible.


The “LOOP IN” point can be moved while the music is playing just by

pressing “LOOP IN” at the new desired point. The next time “LOOP OUT”

is reached the CD will return to this new “LOOP IN” point. If “LOOP IN”

is press after the “LOOP OUT” point it will clear the “LOOP OUT” point.

The “LOOP IN” point can also be edited while paused. First hold down “CUE”

then press “LOOP IN” to move to the loop in point. Next rotate the wheel

to search for a new cue point and then press “LOOP IN” again to set the

new point. Check your point by pressing “RELOOP/STUTTER”.

The “LOOP OUT” point can also be moved while a loop is playing. Press

“LOOP OUT” to release the old “LOOP OUT” point and pressing it again at

the new desired point.


The Beatkeeper and Looping can work together to set perfect loops every

time. In order to work correctly first properly align the Beatkeeper™ on

the beat. To activate smart looping hold down “PROG” followed by

“RELOOP/STUTTER” at the same time. After this has been done all

loop points and stuttering will play perfectly to the beat of the music.