Numark Industries AXIS 9 User Manual

Page 31

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Relay time – this gives options for the amount of time used for

relaying between tracks on two connected units. Options will

appear to relay immediately after the track (0), with time added

of 1, 2, or 3 seconds (1,2,3), or a reduction of 1,2, or 3 seconds (-

1,-2,-3). By reducing time the attached CD player will start

playing before the end of a track, creating an automatic segue.

This feature will also work in track sequence program mode;

however, if the units are also in SINGLE mode the same number

of tracks programmed should be the same. Play will stop at the

end of the last track. This setting will be remembered at power


Remote Start – The sets the mode for the “remote” jack on the rear

of the unit. Details can be found in the relay and remote start

sections of this manual.

Automatic door close protection – this option automatically closes

the door at the specified time. The display will indicate 30

seconds, 60 seconds, 120 seconds, and (no) for no auto close.

This setting will be remembered at power down.

Digital Output – This actives digital output for CDG disks and allows

digital audio information to be extracted from the unit. CDG

graphic CDs are often used for Karaoke.

Smart Looping – When active the display will indicate “

and all looping and stuttering will follow the beat of the music

based upon the Beatkeeper information.

Sleep Mode – The unit will automatically enter sleep mode after 15

minutes of inactivity. In this mode the unit will still start instantly

from buffer, however, the laser will turn off to extend it’s life. If

this feature is undesirable, then it can be turned off. This setting

will be remembered at power down.


This mode will be operational only when 2 units are connected via

a relay cable.

1. Insert CDs into both of the units.

2. We recommend putting both sides in SINGLE play mode while learning this


3. Press the “RELAY” button on one unit to activate.

4. Press play on the first unit. When that unit has finished play it will send a

signal to the second unit to start play. You will see the second unit start

play and the first unit pause and cue to the beginning of the next track.

When unit 2 has completed play unit 1 will start.

Note: The play signal is sent at the end of specified play. If the unit is in

SINGLE mode the play signal will start the second unit at the end of the track.

If the unit is in CONTINUOUS mode the play signal will be sent at the end of the

full CD. Two CDs will play continuously, alternating from unit to unit.