Numark Industries AXIS 9 User Manual

Page 22

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A loop is any area of a CD that you choose to repeat seamlessly. On the AXIS

8/9 two seamless loops are possible.

LOOP IN: is the point where you wish for the loop to start. The initial

“CUE” or “PLAY” point of the CD is also the default “LOOP IN” point for

both loops or “Hot Start” point. If you wish to set a new “LOOP IN”

point, just press “LOOP IN” while the CD is playing when it reaches

the desired point. The “LOOP IN” button will light indicating a new
loop is set. The “RELOOP/STUTTER” button and

in the

display will also illuminate indicating a point has been set and is

accessible for “STUTTER”. By default the “LOOP IN” also becomes the

“STUTTER” or “HOT START” point.

The CD Player will always remember a new set point as the “LOOP IN”

or “HOT START” point until you actually set a new “LOOP IN” point or

put in a new CD. The new point will be accessible until you remove the

CD from the unit. If you change tracks and you previously set a “Loop

In” on another track, pressing “RELOOP/STUTTER” will jump to that


LOOP OUT: is the end point for a loop. The first time you press “LOOP

OUT” while a CD is in play mode, the “LOOP OUT” LED will turn on

and flash while the song automatically returns to the “LOOP IN” point

with no breaks and continues to play. When the song reaches the

“LOOP OUT” point again it returns to the “LOOP IN” point and

continues to repeat this action. You will notice the “LOOP IN” LED will

also be flashing during loop action. To release or end the LOOP press

“LOOP OUT” a second time and play will continue forward when the

song passes the previously set “LOOP OUT” point. The “LOOP OUT”

LED will be lit solid indicating that the LOOP is now in memory for

“RELOOP” purposes.