Numark Industries AXIS 9 User Manual

Page 19

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To SAVE Cue and Loop points on the current CD:

CD should still be in the drawer with cue and loop points set.

Press “PROG” +


Cue points are stored and LCD shows "CUE STORE" for 1 second.

If MIDI OUT is connected to the MIDI in of another CD player’s MIDI

IN, the cue point is stored on the other CD player.

To RECALL Cue points on the current CD:

Press “PROG” +


If CD player is open, it will automatically close and LCD will show "CUE

FETCH" to indicate cue point loading.

If CD is already in the player, it will stop the current function and show

"CUE FETCH" to indicate cue point loading ".

All cue, loop in, and loop out points are restored along with the BPM

and downbeat for immediate access to beatkeeper functions.

If the CD doesn't have cue points stored on the CD player, then the

LCD will show "NO FETCH.

To TRANSFER stored cue points from another unit:

“No Disc” should be in the player you want to get the points into,

(Player A).

The CD Player needing cue points, (Player A), should be looped via

MIDI to another CD player with the cue points already stored (Player


Press “PROG” +

on Player A to retrieve cue points from Player


Player B will flash "CUE FETCH" and send all of its cue points to Player


Player A will then flash "CUE STORE" and store all cue points received.


If over 1024 CDs have cue points written, the oldest cue points are


If the same CD is found with other cue points, the old cue point data is

replaced by the new cue point data.