Numark Industries AXIS 9 User Manual

Page 33

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MIDI – stands for musical instrument digital interface. Basically this means

you can hook up 2 MIDI compatible devices and they will talk to each other. In

this case you might connect 2 AXIS 8/9s and have them synchronize beats, add

a MIDI keyboard and have it control the CD players or hook up a drum machine

and play a rhythm pattern in time with the music.

MIDI CLOCK and INTERLOCK MODE: For interlock you will need 2 units

hooked up via 2 MIDI cables input to output. Pressing PROG + BPM

will put the unit in INTERLOCK mode when (2) units are connected via

MIDI. This mode will automatically match the BPM on (2) AXIS 8/9

units and lock them together on the beat. Before using this function it

is important to be sure the Beatkeeper is tracking the correct BPM and

is actually synchronized with the beat. In order to match effectively

one unit will indicate master and the other, slave. The master is

always the first unit to be playing. The slave follows the master.

As soon as the master is stopped for any reason the opposite side

becomes the new master control. Before using this function it is

advisable to activate the key lock since pitch shifts are automatic and

can be audible. When interlock is pressed you will see the BPM

display of the slave automatically change to match the master and the

pitch indication in the display change the amount needed to match

speeds. During interlock all pitch functions of the slave will deactivate

and follow everything you do with the master. All actions of the slave

such as LOOP points, and PLAY will now also be beat aligned with the


If both units are playing the slave will adjust to match to the

nearest beat of the master.


is pressed the slave will now start with the next beat of

the master.

If “RELAY” is pressed during INTERLOCK, the slave will

automatically start the next time the master matches the beat of

the slave.

SLAVE TO MIDI CLOCK: When the AXIS 8/9 is hooked up to receive

another clock device through it’s MIDI input, such as a drum machine,

beat synchronization can be achieved similarly to the above. In this

case the AXIS 8/9 will receive and synchronize to the global clock and

always remain as the slave device.

GLOBAL MIDI CLOCK TRANSMIT: when the MIDI output of the AXIS 8/9

is attached to another clock receiving device, such as a drum machine,

the device will receive global clock information from the AXIS 8/9.

Play and Pause commands will be sent as well.