Numark Industries AXIS 9 User Manual

Page 27

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SCRATCH – This effect makes it possible for the wheel to scratch the music

while it is playing. If you move the wheel back and forth the music will stop

and play slowly as the wheel is moved similar to scratching a record. There are

several modes of operation for this effect. By pressing “PROG” followed by the

scratch button you can toggle between Scratch 1,2,3, and 4. In “Scratch 1” the

unit automatically returns to play when the wheel is released. In “Scratch 2”,

when the wheel is brought to a stop the music will stop and when you push the

wheel forward the unit will automatically play. In “Scratch 3” the unit

scratches from the current buffer until the unit is released. When released, the

unit jumps ahead to the point where the music would have been, if not

interrupted. This essentially allows a bleep of dirty lyrics through scratch. In

“Scratch 4” the unit scratches from the last set cue point until released. This

allows you to scratch from a set “sample”.

SCRATCH HOLD – This effect works like the above except the music will not
release when the wheel is pushed forward or let go. It is basically the same as

scratching on a powered off turntable. Scratch is similar to working with a

playing turntable, while the Scratch hold is similar to scratching a turntable with

the power off.

PHAZE – Creates an effect on the music similar to the sound of an airplane
taking off. As the wheel is moved the effect is created. If the wheel stops

moving the effect will return to the beginning on it’s own. If the effect is in

“Hold” the effect will stay at the current sound until the effect is released by the

button or hold removed.

SONAR – Creates a metallic hollow effect to create a slightly different sound.
The wheel works a similar way as Phaze.

SLIDE – Smoothly changes the key of the music. In the

key display you will see the key change as the wheel is