Oracle Audio Technologies CD 2000 User Manual

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XLR connection is utilized due to their robust design and high performance. All internal wiring
consists of twisted shielded wire.

Your Oracle CD Player is equipped with:

• BNC, output of 0,5 Volts peak to peak @ 75 Ohms




• XLR balanced analog outputs

• Impedance < 100 Ohms

• Recommended impedance load 50 kOhms (Minimum 5 kOhms)

• Maximum effective output level, 2,4 Volts

• Digital to Analogue converter type, Delta Sigma

• Resolution 24 Bits

You now have a choice of analog connections. You might even consider running both at the
same time.

To utilize the analog RCA capabilities, connect your pair of RCA terminated interconnect cables
from the rear of the player to your preamplifier or integrated amplifier (CD INPUT).

To utilize the analog balanced XLR connections, connect your pair of XLR terminated
interconnect cables from the rear of the player to your preamplifier or integrated amplifier’s XLR

Connection to the Pre-Amplifier, CD input

• Connect your pair of RCA terminated Analogue Interconnect cables from the rear of the

player to your pre-amplifier Digital input (CD input).


It is not necessary to use digital output unless connecting to a separate stand

alone DAC.


We strongly suggest the use of the best possible Analogue Interconnect

Simultaneous Connection of an External Digital to Analogue Converter

It is possible to simultaneously use the BNC (75 Ohms) Digital output to compare the players
internal Digital/Analogue converter, with that of an external (stand alone) D/A converter.

• Plug your digital/optical interconnect to the rear of the player and connect it to your stand

alone D/A converter.

• Connect


Analogue outputs

to an “Auxiliary” input at the rear of your pre-amplifier.

• Balance the volume between the two D/A converters through the external converter

volume control…should this facility be available.

• Switch from “CD” to “Auxiliary” so as to compare the two options.


Lower the volume of the pre-amplifier as there could be a major difference in

gain, this could cause damage to your loudspeakers.

Oracle Audio Technologies

CD 2500 MK II player / CD 2000 transport Owner’s manual


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