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Please Follow these Important Safety Tips for The Safe Operation of your CD Player

The main Power On/Off switch for your CD Player/Drive is located on the rear of the power


Do not activate this switch until you have read the instructions below.

1. Before switching on your CD Player/Drive it is essential that the aluminium top cover be

correctly installed and remain in place until the CD display indicates the “No Disc

2. To start playing a CD: remove the aluminium top cover; select the CD you wish to play

and place it on the CD turntable. Install the magnetic clamp and replace the top cover.

3. Press the Reset button and wait for the disc information to appear in the main CD

display. The information will show the number of tracks on the CD and the total playing

4. Press

Play” and adjust the volume control on your pre-amplifier, sit back, and ENJOY


5. To change a CD, press “Stop”, the CD display will again show the disc information.

Remove the aluminium top cover, lift your CD using one of the methods described earlier.
Gently peel the clamp from the CD. Select your next CD and place it on the CD turntable
as described above. Having placed the disc on the turntable, the display will still show the
details of the previous CD player until you press the Reset button, only then will the new
disc information be displayed.

Note: These instructions may seem extremely basic, but they must be followed exactly to

ensure safe operation of this product!

Display Keyboard Function Selector

The display module is equipped with five selector buttons.

• Place a compact disc over the centering device of your CD turntable.

• Position


magnetic disc clamp

over the centering device and make sure it is well



• Very carefully seat the aluminium top cover over the compact disc in it’s specially

machined recess and position it so the two finger slots match the ones on the player
main chassis. The slightly curved section of the finger slots should be facing the front of
the unit


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CD 2500 MK II player / CD 2000 transport Owner’s manual


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