Oracle Audio Technologies CD 2000 User Manual

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buttons. The sound heard in order to find a particular section of
track will be more difficult to identify using the FAST mode.

Search Button (◄◄ ►►)

This function allows you to search forward or backwards through
a track, or the complete CD at approximately 10 times normal
speed. It is possible to hear the track/CD whilst doing this
enabling you to find a specific part of a track/CD. PRESS ◄◄
and the search runs back from where you are. PRESS ►► and
the search runs forward from where you are.

A/B Button (A / B)

This button allows you to repeat a section of a track or the CD.
To do this, listen for the starting point of the section you want to
repeat and PRESS the A / B button once. Let the section run to
where you want the repeated section to end, then PRESS the
A / B

button once more. The selected section will now continue to

repeat just that section until you cancel the command by pressing


Shuffle Button (SHUF)

This command causes the track playing order to be played non
numerically ascending. Instead of the tracks being played from 1
through to say 10, it will play the tracks in a random order. The
track play order cannot be determined by the user when using
this function. This function must be chosen before the PLAY
button is pressed. The disc information will be displayed on the
main display screen. PRESS SHUF and the random track play
order will be displayed along the bottom of the main display
screen. PRESS PLAY and the randomly selected order will start

Previous Track (◄)

This button has two functions, and is marked │. PRESS once
and the track being played will start playing from the beginning
again. PRESS │ twice quickly and the previous track on the
CD will play from the beginning.

Next Track (►)

This button only has function, and is marked │. PRESS this
button once and the next track on the CD will begin playing. Each
time you press this button, the next track on the CD will begin to
play in the normal ascending numeric order, or the next
programmed selection if you have used the PROG option. If in
the SHUF mode the next randomly selected track will begin to

Repeat (REP)

This function permits continual repeat playing of the track being
played by pressing the REP button once. PRESS the REP button
twice and the WHOLE disc will be repeated until the REP button
is pressed again cancelling the repeat function. The REP function
can also be used if PROG or SHUF modes have been selected,
and works in exactly the same way. PRESS once and the track
being played will repeat, PRESS twice and ALL the programmed
selections PROG, or the random play order SHUF, will be
repeated. PRESS REP again and the selection will play the REP
function was cancelled.

Pause (PAUSE)

This function suspends the playing of the CD at the exact point
that the PAUSE button was pressed. This mutes the sound

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