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• Place the compact disc on your Oracle CD turntable.

• Install the magnetic disc clamp

To Remove the Magnetic Disc Clamp (option 1)

• Lift the compact disc by holding it from the periphery with the magnetic disc clamp


To Remove the Magnetic Disc Clamp (option 2)

• Lift the magnetic disc clamp straight up. The compact disc will follow because of the

adhesion of the Urethane vibration damping trap to the compact disc surface.


Since the adhesion will diminish as the Urethane picks up dust, it is important to

place your hand under the compact disc to prevent it from falling. Please read the
recommended maintenance procedure below.

• Peel the disc from the clamp, this will break the close seal between the Urethane

vibration damping trap and the compact disc.


Your Oracle player is equipped with a very efficient magnetic clamp. One of the key features of
this clamp is the proprietary Urethane compound ring that acts as a vibration damping tap. To
obtain optimal performance, keep the surface of the Urethane vibration damping trap clean at all
times using your Brilliance cleaner or denatured alcohol (mentholated spirits).

To extend the cleaning cycle to a maximum

, we recommended not setting the magnetic disc

clamp with the Urethane facing down as dust would very quickly reduce the adhesion to the
compact disc, thus lowering the vibration damping trap efficiency.

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