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If the power supply is connected to the line source and the switch is in the “ON” position the red
“L.E.D.” locate at the front of the unit will glow. If it does not glow make sure the line signal
coming from the wall outlet is operational. If everything is normal, follow the procedure below to
proceed to the replacement of the line input fuse.

• Switch the power supply to the “OFF” position.

• Unplug the AC power cord at the power supply end.

• Use a flat blade screw driver and insert it in the slot at the top of the IEC socket to open

the flap as shown on the picture.

• Use the same flat blade screw driver to gently extract the fuse holder.

• Using a continuity tester check the fuse for continuity. Continuity means “good fuse”. No

continuity means “fuse no good”.

• Make sure to reinsert the fuse holder in the same direction as the arrow inside the cover.


There are 2 fuses inside the IEC socket, the one under the ( 0 ) is the one in the

signal path. The fuse under the “( — ) is a spare.

• Close the flap until it snaps in a fully closed position.

• Plug the AC power cord at the power supply end.

• Switch the power supply to the “ON” position.

Fuse Types

CD Drive (Fuse type)
100-120V – Right: GMD 200mA
220-240V – Right: GMD 200mA

CD Player (Fuse type)
100-120V – Left: GMD 200mA Right: GMD 630mA
220-240V – Left: GMD 200mA Right: GMD 630mA

* GMD Fuse Type only

Important Note!

If the fuse keeps blowing, it might be an indication of a defective
power supply unit, please contact your dealer for advice. Do not
use a different value fuse than recommended.

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